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Hospital Bills & Insurance

Your Hospital Bill

Your hospital bill includes a basic daily charge, which covers a semi-private room, meals, technical services and routine nursing care. You may request a copy of your hospital bill at any time during your hospital stay or after discharge. NewYork-Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital now offers a free service that lets you pay your hospital bill online. Click here to learn more.

Payment Arrangements

We will ask that you arrange a method for paying your bill prior to admission or during your hospital stay. If you are insured, the hospital will submit a claim to your insurance carrier on your behalf. Any personal expenses or costs not covered by your insurance carrier are expected to be paid during your stay or prior to discharge. For your convenience, NewYork-Presbyterian/Lawrence accepts American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover.

Professional Fees

Hospital charges do not include fees of your private physician, consultants, private duty nurses, emergency room physicians, pathologist, anesthesiologist and radiologists. They will bill you directly and your payments should be made to them directly. While these physicians participate with most insurance carriers, on occasion, there may be an insurance carrier that their group is contracted with for a variety of reasons. In such cases, you may be billed by the group for out of network services.

Anesthesia Services are provided by Westchester Anesthesiologists located at 800 Westchester Avenue, Rye Brook, NY 10573. They make every effort to bill your insurance company for the professional fees of the anesthesiologist. They accept assignment from Medicare and participate with many managed care companies and HMO’s.

If you have any questions regarding your anesthesia bill, please do not hesitate to contact their billing office at 914-428-5454 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Every effort will be made to assist you in the settlement of your account.

Emergency Room Services are provided by Lawrence ER-Physicians. The billing address for their services is Medical Management Professionals, PO Box 29016, New York, NY 10087, phone number 800-777-2455. The Physician’s fee for professional services will be billed to your insurance company and/or you directly.

Pathology Services are provided by Bronxville Pathology Associates, P.C., located at 17 Kraft Avenue, Bronxville, NY 10708. The pathologist who will interpret your testing is a Board-certified physician specializing in laboratory procedures and tissue examinations to diagnose diseases. The pathologist at your doctor’s request will evaluate your biopsy or cytology specimens which will lead to the diagnosis of your condition. Although the responsibility for these charges is yours, Bronxville Pathology Associates will make every effort to assist your billing. Please feel free to call their billing office at 914-771-6629.

Radiology Services are provided by the White Plains Radiology Associates. Their mailing address is P.O. Box 30572, New York, NY 10087 and you can call them at 845-512-8756, ext. 202. The Boardcertified radiologist’s fee for the professional services/ interpretation of the films will be billed to your insurance company and/or you directly.

Additional Costs

Certain services that you may request such as a private room are not covered by your health insurance. You will be asked for a deposit at the time of your admission and you may also be billed during your hospital stay to cover these services. The balance of all such services are payable upon discharge.


Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company and you should be familiar with the terms of your contract. For most patients, a third party payer such as Medicare, Managed Care, or other health insurers will cover a specified amount of your cost. The extent of coverage depends on your individual policy.

Your insurance plan may have additional requirements such as pre-certification. If you are not sure about your plan’s requirements, we suggest that you contact your insurance carrier or your employer directly. You may also want to notify your physician of any pre-certification requirements. If these requirements are not met, your insurance carrier may deny payment of this bill, and you could be personally responsible for all or part of the services rendered.

Your insurance plan may also have a deductible, an out-of-pocket percentage of the cost of the stay or a flat co-payment amount, which you may be required to pay. In addition, your insurance carrier may limit the number of days of your hospital stay, depending on your illness.


This hospital is an approved Medicare provider. All services billed to Medicare follow federal guidelines and procedures. Medicare has a Coordination of Benefits (COB) clause. At the time of service you will be asked to answer questions to help determine the primary insurance carrier paying for your visit. This is referred to as an Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Questionnaire and is required by federal law. Your assistance in providing accurate information will allow us to bill the correct insurance company.

Medicare deductibles and co-insurance are covered by your secondary insurance. If you do not have secondary insurance you will be asked to pay these amounts or establish a payment plan. If you are unable to pay these amounts, we will help you determine if you qualify for a state funded program.


A Financial Counselor can answer your questions about your hospital bill and help you interpret financial policies and billing procedures at the hospital. In addition, they can assist with any questions regarding policies related to our Financial Assistance program. A Financial Counselor can be reached by calling 914-787-4008 (For patients whose last names begin with A - L) or 914-787-2196 (For patient’s whose last names begin with M – Z), Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm. If you call after the hours noted, please leave a voicemail message and your call will be returned the next business day.

Financial Counseling and Financial Assistance Program

NewYork-Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital is proud of its not-for-profit mission to provide caring, high quality healthcare that meets the need and expectations of the communities we serve.

NewYork-Presbyterian/Lawrence has developed a Financial Assistance program for patients who are unable to pay for some or all of the medical expenses incurred at the hospital and who meet the eligibility guidelines established in the program.

Also, we may be able to offer assistance to patients who do not have health insurance and worry they may not be able to pay for some or all of their hospital services. The program is based on patient income, assets and need. In addition, we will work with patients to arrange a manageable payment plan option or to get free or low-cost health insurance.

For more information regarding our program, please contact a Financial Counselor at 914-787-4008 (For patients whose last names begin with A - L) or 914-787-2196 (For patient’s whose last names begin with M – Z). Or, you can download, print and complete an application and mail it to us.Click here for an application. For instructions on how to complete an application, click here. All inquires are treated with confidentiality and courtesy.